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Parker-Legris In Line Panel Mountable Flow Control Regulator | 6mm | 77760600

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Legris flow control regulators control the speed of a pneumatic cylinder. In the one-way version, the exhaust or inlet air flow is controlled by an adjustable restrictor.

The inlet or exhaust flow is unrestricted full bore. In a bi-directional version, they control air supply in both exhaust and supply flow.

Depending upon the model, Legris flow regulators may be fitted on the cylinder or in the compressed air line.

However, flow regulation (and therefore cylinder control speed) is more precise and constant when positioned near the cylinder :

In this way, it is possible to avoid the elastic effect of the compressed air contained in the pipework between the control valve and cylinder.

Direct mounting of the banjo flow regulator fitting onto the cylinder is therefore the optimum solution.

Specifications : suitable fluids : compressed air working pressure : 1 to 10 bar working temperature : 0° to + 70°