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Parker Push Button & Valve Spring Return | 4mm Push In | Black 1 N/C Valve | Flow 240 L/min | PXB-B4131BA2

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The Parker Push Button & Valve Spring Return combines a 4mm Push In design with a Black 1 N/C valve, allowing for a flow rate of 240 L/min. With precision engineering and high-quality materials, this product ensures reliable and efficient performance. Perfect for industrial applications, the PXB-B4131BA2 is a must-have for any industry expert.

Standard electrical 22mm knock out. Facia mounted operation 3/2 N/O or N/C dual pneumatic and electrical output available. Working Pressure 1 to 10 bar. Working Temperature -15 deg C to +60 deg C. ATEX approval CE Ex II 3. 240 l/min flow.