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PCL Pneumatic Quick Fit Emergency Coupling Kit - BMKIT01VF | Coupling Kit | ACKIT01

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The Emergency Coupling Kit is designed for the service engineer or to keep in a workshop in case of a pneumatic airline failure.

This small compact Emergency Coupling Kit contains all the parts you would need to repair any standard airline failure and have it up and running in minutes.

Kit Contents:

x 1AC91CM
x 2 ACA2746
x 1 HC5656
x 1 HC6560
x 1 AC91CF
x 1 HC6892
x 1 HC1217
x 1 HC6895
x 2 ACA2593
x 1 HC6893
x 1 HC2479
x 1 HC6896
x 1 PTFE Tape
x 2 OO Jubilee Clip
x 2 OOO Jubilee Clip