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Parker Rectus Series 21KA Plug | 1/8" BSPP Female Thread | Hex Size 14mm | Length 25mm | 21SFIW10MXN

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The Parker Rectus Series 21KA Plug is a quick-release coupling component used in fluid handling systems.

Here are the specifications of the component:

Thread type: 1/8" BSPP Female Thread
Hex size: 14mm
Length: 25mm
Series: 21KA
Material: Brass
Finish: Nickel-plated
Manufacturer part number: 21SFIW10MXN

The 1/8" BSPP female thread refers to the type of threading used on the component, which is a British Standard Pipe Parallel thread. The hex size of 14mm refers to the size of the hexagonal head of the component, which is used for tightening and loosening the component. The length of 25mm refers to the overall length of the component.

The component is part of the Parker Rectus Series 21KA, which is a range of quick-release coupling components designed for use in a variety of fluid handling applications. The material used in the construction of the component is brass, which is known for its corrosion resistance and durability. The component has a nickel-plated finish for additional protection against corrosion.

The manufacturer part number of the component is 21SFIW10MXN, which is used to identify the specific component within the Parker Rectus Series 21KA range.