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Redashe Break Couplers for Fuel | 3/4" Size | ZBKV34N

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Tolerant of pulses and line shocks due to sturdy yet lightweight aluminium design body.
PVC sleeve provides better grip and handling.
Designed to pull apart at max. 1500N/350lbs pull force.

Small and light weight with minimal flow restriction.

Suitable for use with diesel and gasoline.

Wetted components: Aluminium, nylon and Viton.

Inline breakaway valve designed to be installed between the fuel dispenser and the nozzle.

In case of drive-off, breakaway valves allow the nozzle end of the hose to get separated from the dispenser end of the hose.
The dual poppets inside the breakaway valve closes when drive off happens, trapping the fuel inside the hose at both ends thereby avoiding fuel spillage and possible damage to the environment.

¾” Flow Rate: 60LPM (15.8GPM).

1” Flow Rate: 90LPM (23.7GPM).